8 Advantages of Electronic Filing System

Traditional paper filing is a rarity in 2021, but there are still supporters. Yes, that’s true, some companies still store important sensitive data in archives and libraries because they believe this method is more reliable. This article is not about speaking negatively about traditional methods, we are here to talk about electronic document storage and its main advantages. 

1. Any file can be quickly retrieved and restored whenever you want

Forget the perpetual chaos of stacks of papers and various trays and folders of documents on your desk. Your desktop is rid of unnecessary junk when all your documents are stored digitally and you, in turn, can find a file you need within seconds and restore it just as fast with DMS. Smart full-text search allows you to find a file regardless of its location or name, you just enter any keyword from the file and the system will find you the files with these words in them. 

2. The system can take care of itself

Once you install an electronic document storage system, you can forget about any problems related to it. The system is surprisingly self-sufficient. You can import new files from almost anywhere and it automatically analyzes the content of those files and processes them according to the rules you set up earlier. These rules include where and how long to store the file.

3. Improve your office environment

Cabinets cluttered with huge volumes of paper spoil the interior and atmosphere of your office terribly. They take up too much space in your company life. Digitize your documents and rid your space of the dust-clog called filing cabinets. You can do it fairly quickly with a document scanner, or you can outsource this task to one of the many other companies on the market. That way you get rid of clutter, and greatly simplify the life of yourself and your employees.

4. Easy access to files

Another one of the advantages of an electronic filing system is the fact that you will always have access to the files which other employees worked on, even if they can’t give them to you (for example they are on vacation or sick leave). This saves you time and ensures smooth workflow.

5. Improved version control

With AMF, you’ll always have only the latest version of a document in your hands. You can also easily compare or retrieve previous versions of documents and keep track of changes by date or user name

6. Add comments and notes

As with paper documents electronically, you can still make notes in documents for your colleagues using the collaborative features. You are also free to edit or delete portions of text, and if your comment is no longer needed it can also be easily deleted.

7. Focus on the important stuff

When you know that your documents are in order and you can find everything you need at any time you can continue to work quietly on your main duties. Electronic document storage saves you time and costs.

8. Access your files anywhere and anytime

Using e-document storage increases the security of your data, as it is all located in a secure data center in Germany, while at the same time not gaining access to all your folders, no matter where you are. You can log on and continue to work from any device and location with a reliable Internet connection, at home, on the road, on your cell phone or tablet.

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