Ansarada Virtual Data Room Review

Ansarada is an Australian virtual data room provider which started its operations in 2005 and has been offering its services for successful M&A deals ever since. The activity of this provider does not go beyond mergers and acquisitions, as they have retained the traditional view that VDRs should serve only that purpose. In this article, we’ll look at how much quality service Ansarada can provide us and what features are included in its suite of offerings.

Ansarada VDR – general information

Ansarada is quite a well-known name on the market of virtual data rooms and as we know brand recognition is already a success. The company has been providing its services for more than 15 years, and mainly focuses on M&A deals, but is also used for fundraising, IPO, and tenders. VDR functionality is at a premium level to make the exchange of documents and messages with questions and important discussions as easy and secure as possible.

Ansarada provides its services to businesses of all sizes and all features are based on Artificial Intelligence, you will learn more about these and many other features a little later.

Ansarada VDR – Pricing

The provider offers you three rate plan options and below we will tell you about them in more detail:

  • 90 Degree Plan – This is generally suitable for users who want to use VDR for individual needs, such as storing personal information. This plan offers unlimited invited users (each additional user is charged 39 euros), unlimited data, one VDR, and continuous support from the support team. Payment is on a monthly basis plus additional charges
  • The 180-degree plan – can be used for M&A transactions. There is also an additional fee for each user. The minimum number of users is 3. You have the proper security, support, collaboration and excel integration features available to you
  • 360 degree plan – this plan has almost the same terms and conditions as the previous one, only in addition to that, you will also have the ability to get corporate-level compliance reports and have a dedicated account manager

The main features of Ansarad VDR

Below we describe the main features of Ansarada virtual data room and how they work:

  • Hosting

VDR has HIPAA security certification, which is one of the best today and also guarantees 99.99% uptime of its server. The space also provides constant backups

  • Accessibility and ease

You don’t need to install plugins to access the space. Searching for documents is now several times easier with a web-based spreadsheet viewer, full-text search, and optical character recognition. Load your document into the space with drag-and-drop functionality and organize it with automatic indexing.

  • Document protection and user management

Administrators are free to commit detailed permissions that prevent unauthorized users from copying, editing, uploading, forwarding, or screenshotting documents. You can also set an expiration date for access to a document after which it is no longer available. The data in the space is encrypted at rest and during sharing. There is also a “view only” feature and permission groups for easier user control.

  • Tracking and reporting

Administrators can keep track of everything that is happening in space, and VDR also offers them detailed reporting on it. You can view the time and number of times documents are viewed. You can also access real-time audit logs and scheduled reports.

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